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This roadmap aims to bring a strategic and system-wide view to future investments in low emissions technologies. The federal government's approach will be hard-headed, recognising the economic and technical barriers to widespread deployment today, while remaining optimistic about future advances and the role different technologies may play in the global effort to reduce emissions.

Positioning Australia as a leader in low emissions technologies requires a partnership, with other levels of government, the private sector and researchers as well as close collaboration internationally. To build that partnership, this Roadmap will be supported by:

Low Emissions Technology Statements published each year to communicate progress towards defined technology goals. Each statement will provide an update of global technological developments and fine-tune the Government’s investment portfolio while retaining commitment to our long term vision.

Ministerial Reference Panel composed of industry, private investment, government and research leaders to advise the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction in the preparation of Low Emissions Technology Statements. While the reference panel will advise generally on technology priorities, its primary role will be identifying pathways for efficient deployment of new technologies. Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, is the inaugural Chair of the reference panel.

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