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Briefing paper


  • Australia is installing renewable energy (solar photovoltaics and wind) far faster per capita than other countries.
  • The Australian deployment rate is 4-5 times faster per capita than the EU, USA, Japan and China.
  • Stabilising the electricity grid when it has 50-100% renewable energy is straightforward using off-the-shelf techniques that are already widely used in Australia.
  • The electricity sector is on track to deliver Australia’s entire Paris emissions reduction targets five years early, in 2025. This is one of the world’s fastest sustainable rates of emissions reduction.
  • Remarkably, the net cost is zero because expensive fossil fuels are being replaced by cheaper renewables.
  • Australia is on track for deep and rapid greenhouse emissions reductions through deep renewable electrification. Much of the world can readily follow the Australian path. Renewable energy offers real hope for a future liveable planet.
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Australia leads world in renewables, on track to smash Paris targets: ANU https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/paris-on-track/10792560

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