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“Holiday home-sharing”: Airbnb, housing markets, and implications for planning

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There is growing global concern about the local neighbourhood and housing market impacts of online “home-sharing” platforms such as Airbnb. However, the research base to inform policy and planning responses remains limited. This paper examines how different forms of “holiday home-sharing” – whereby property owners use online platforms to rent homes or rooms to visitors – manifest in different neighbourhood and housing market contexts, and how Australian planners are beginning to respond. It draws on a comparative analysis of Airbnb listings and housing market trends in metropolitan Sydney and in regional NSW, to examine intersections between rental supply and affordability indicators as well as specific types of home-sharing (whole homes, rooms, shared rooms, available for various durations of time). It also draws on the results of a targeted questionnaire survey with Australian planners in non- metropolitan areas to examine their perspectives on the local impacts of online holiday home-sharing, as well as existing and anticipated policy and regulatory responses. The paper concludes by highlighting the ways in which different neighbourhood and housing market contexts dictate different forms of policy and regulatory responses to residential tourism overall and online home-sharing in particular.

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