This document constitutes the One Planet SWF Working Group’s Framework. It is the outcome of consultations among the founding members and with other institutional investors who are working towards the integration of climate change issues in the asset management sector.

Taking into account the diversity of mandates and legal contexts of the members, the Framework recommendations are voluntary. The physical and transition risks stemming from climate change entail a number of financial implications. As action on climate change accelerates, the transition to a low-emissions economy presents opportunities in terms of markets, investments, business models and innovation.

The economic impacts of climate change on specific markets and regions are complex, varied and uncertain, which means that the timing and extent of such impacts are difficult to predict.

Climate outcomes may also affect company performance over time. Investors need to understand the extent to which investee companies are exposed to climate-related risks, which are best prepared to manage these risks, and which are positioned to capture the opportunities in the markets’ transition to a more sustainable future.

The One Planet SWF Working Group’s Framework seeks to promote better informed decisions, thereby contributing to a smooth transition to a more sustainable, low-emissions economy. Accordingly, the One Planet SWF Working Group hopes that other long-term institutional investors will be able to make use of this Framework in the execution of their mandates and investment objectives.

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