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A creative economy green paper for the Nordic region

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The Creative Industries represents one of the leading assets and opportunity areas for the Nordic Region of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The greatest assets of any region are its people, their individual creativity, skill and talent. Within the economy those industries based on these assets are known as the ‘Creative Industries’ – a unique sector that is creating wealth and jobs through developing and exploiting intellectual property. As well as representing one of the largest and fastest growing sectors, the Creative Industries sits at the heart of the Creative Economy: encapsulating those wider processes, products and services for which creativity is a central activity. In doing so, it plays a critical role in the economic competitiveness of the Nordic Region, providing the added value required for a distinctive, high quality, knowledge-driven offer. A strong, well-supported and highly connected Creative Industries sector provides the platform for a competitive, entrepreneurial and globally-facing Nordic Region.

The objective of this Green Paper is to open up a policy debate about the drivers of the Creative Industries in the Nordic Region, and to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the sector. It is designed to help policy-makers from the local to national level recognize the potential – and seriousness – of the Creative Economy; and identify ways to support the Creative Industries in a more coordinated, connected way.

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