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This document updates our strategic framework for the arts, libraries and museums, which were set out in separate documents: Achieving great art for everyone (2010) and Culture, knowledge and understanding (2011).

With its focus on long-term collaborative action, this refreshed strategic framework directs the Arts Council to work with its partners to bring about positive change throughout the arts, museums and libraries. It will help create the conditions in which great art and culture can be presented and produced, experienced and appreciated by as many people in this country as possible. It will enable us to focus our investment where it can achieve the greatest impact. It will support the development of world-class museums and great libraries that engage diverse audiences. It will sustain us as we work to maintain and enhance England’s status as a leading cultural force in the world.

The realisation of such long-term goals at a time of constrained public investment will require an immense collaborative effort between the Arts Council and its many partners. We will all have to be prepared to challenge and change the way we work.

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