Unlocking potential, embracing ambition: a shared plan for the arts, screen and creative industries 2014-2024

5 Apr 2014

We want Scotland to be a place where the arts, screen and creative industries are valued and recognised, where artists and creative people are flourishing and thriving, and where everyone, everywhere, is interested and curious about creativity. Scotland’s diversity and distinctiveness, reflected in our indigenous languages, Gaelic and Scots, and strengthened by an increasing range of other cultural influences, will be visible to the rest of the world.

Our vast pool of layered and textured cities, towns and environments will be recognised as being born out of unique and individual circumstances. Arts and creativity will be valued and understood as part of their character. The special intimacy of local creativity in places like Helmsdale, Langholm and Ullapool will be as present in our tapestry, as organisations such as the Edinburgh Festivals, the National Galleries, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the V&A in Dundee.

Creativity will become the warp and weft of new social connections, across diverse communities, backgrounds and lifestyles. People will seek to access and drive creativity locally in their own communities as well as being proud to tell stories, sing songs, play music and create connections through dance, art, theatre, craft, literature and film. They will do this with confidence and heart, representing what it means to be of Scotland, welcoming audiences to witness creative encounters from artists and companies from many cultures and parts of the world. They will share experiences, celebrate life and explore questions about existence, humanity and relationships, through beauty, compassion and humour, gifting this nation with spirit and enquiry across its population. Artists and creative people will influence daily life and as a consequence be regarded as invaluable sources of advice and inspiration for policy makers at both local and national levels – operating in spheres such as health, economic growth and education as well as within the cultural domain.

Many contributions have helped shape this vision. A thousand people working in the arts, screen and creative industries have informed this vision and the broader plan, through our programme of Open Sessions in the spring and autumn of 2013, through an external reference group and through direct discussion. Our Board and staff have also contributed, as have our partners across the Scottish Government, local authorities and the wider public, private and voluntary sectors. We have also considered the views of the public as expressed through online consultation and commentary.

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