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Review of the national greenhouse and energy reporting legislation: a consultation paper

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The Climate Change Authority is an independent statutory agency, which provides expert advice to the government on climate change policy. The Authority is required to review the operation of the national greenhouse and energy reporting legislation by 31 December 2018 and then complete further reviews every five years.

The legislation has three key elements. It:

  • requires companies over certain thresholds to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions as well as their energy production and use to the Australian Government
  • underpins the safeguard mechanism, which places emissions limits on large facilities and provides a framework for them to measure, report and manage their emissions
  • establishes the greenhouse and energy auditing framework applying to audits required under the reporting scheme, the safeguard and other climate change policies such as the Emissions Reduction Fund and the Renewable Energy Target.

This review will focus on these aspects of the legislation with a view to determining whether each of the individual elements is achieving its objectives, is fit for purpose and if any improvements are needed.

The Authority will assess the national greenhouse and energy reporting legislation with reference to the principles in its own legislation: economic efficiency, environmental effectiveness, equity, public interest, supporting the development of an effective global response to climate change, consistency with Australia’s foreign policy and trade objectives, and taking into account the impact on households, businesses, workers and communities (Appendix A).

The Authority invites submissions from organisations and individuals on all issues relevant to the scope of this review. Those interested in making a submission should not feel constrained by the issues or questions in this paper.

Submissions close 11 September 2018.

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