Briefing paper

Seeds of success: advancing digital agriculture from point solutions to platform

Agriculture Digital agriculture Farming Supply chain United States of America Australia

Key takeaways

  • Currently known as the world’s least digitised industry, agriculture is experiencing a digital revolution driven by global trends that are laying the foundations for new agricultural production systems and supply chains.
  • Agriculture is a critical sector for Australia’s economy, with exports to markets in the Asia-Pacific region expected to grow significantly in coming decades.
  • Implementing digital technologies in agriculture will be critical for Australia’s ability to meet growing global demands and remain competitive in global markets.
  • Awareness of the digital agriculture opportunity is emerging in Australia, with interest growing amongst entrepreneurs and investors, and strong support from government.
  • Digital agriculture technology maturity culminates in the development and deployment of predictive and prescriptive data analytics platforms, and the United States is leading.
  • In Australia, the current state of both development and adoption of digital agriculture technology is less mature than the United States; centred on single use-case solutions, enabled by descriptive and diagnostic analytics.
  • Barriers exist in Australia that are limiting the development and the widespread diffusion of digital agriculture technologies, and therefore the maturation of the sector.
  • Overcoming these barriers by bridging the disconnect of expectations between Australian farmers and the technology community, and creating solutions with strong value propositions, requires investors and entrepreneurs to understand the many complexities faced by Australian farmers.
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