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Argentina’s significant domestic natural gas and hydro resources has led to an electricity generation system based on these fuel sources, offering low electricity prices. However, declining gas production due to the exhaustion of resources coupled with growing energy consumption is emphasizing the importance of both diversifying energy supply and managing energy demand.

The Municipality of Rosario is already a front-runner in Argentina considering the actions and policies it is implementing on energy efficiency. This path still has opportunities to be further enhanced as it may bring environmental benefits and improvements to the quality of life of the citizens.

Capacity building and information dissemination across the buildings sector, industry sector and transport sector is needed and a local structure that could perform these activities could be of significant help in the implementation of the municipal policies on energy efficiency. The Rosario Municipal Government should consider further advancing work with the tools of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to assess, target and plan energy efficiency, renewable energies and emissions reduction.

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