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This review identifies issues and makes recommendations that will provide a roadmap for lasting improvements in the prevention of and response to sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment by ACFID Member Organisations. For the purposes of the review, sexual misconduct includes situations typically referred to as exploitation and abuse, child sexual abuse and exploitation and sexual harassment. This involves considerations at organisational and sectoral level and tangible and cultural factors.

As a general principle, the best interests of the victim/ survivor should be the primary concern in matters of sexual misconduct. This is informed by the principle of autonomy, that is, their expression of informed choice, and by the principle of beneficence, that is, their best interests. In our view, however, this priority is not absolute and may require contextual balance, particularly where there are serious conflicts with interests of other people or the wider community. In cases where such conflicts arise, expert medico-legal or ethical advice should be sought. In our view victim/survivor-centric organisational and institutional responses will minimise the risk of conflicts. This will be discussed at relevant stages throughout this report.


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