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A stronger, fairer Australia

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Launched on 28 January 2010, A Stronger, Fairer Australia (0) sets out the Australian Government’s vision and strategy for social inclusion, now and into the future.

Social Inclusion means ensuring no Australian is left behind by giving all the opportunities, resources, capabilities and responsibilities to learn, work, connect with others and have a say in community life.

The statement sets out a new approach to break down the barriers that stand between the most disadvantaged Australians and participation. Despite a strong economy in recent years, disadvantage still prevents many Australians from getting a fair go.

The Government is determined to address this disadvantage, which costs the entire nation in lower productivity, chronic health problems, welfare dependence and fractured communities.

The Rudd Government’s social inclusion strategy will form partnerships between the people in government, the not-for-profit sector and businesses that have the greatest experience in addressing disadvantage.

The strategy builds on the many reforms and investments the Government has made over the past two years, including those in fairer workplace relations, employment, pension reform, housing and homelessness, early childhood education and schools. It also builds on the existing strengths of individuals, families and communities.

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