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Summary of feedback: guidance on sharing personal information under the Family Violence Act 2018

25 Jan 2019

The Ministry of Justice has released this summary of feedback received from victims, practitioners, agencies and the public on the draft family violence information sharing guidance.

In August and September 2018, the ministry sought feedback on a draft version of information sharing guidance for the family violence sector. The guidance document seeks to clarify the rules around information sharing that are introduced under the Family Violence Act 2018.

Feedback on the draft guidance was generally positive. Many accepted that information sharing that is done well, safely and appropriately, can benefit the people the sector works with. Submitters also recognised the importance of agencies and practitioners having a complete picture when responding to family violence.

The ministry received a number of suggestions on ways the draft guidance could be improved, including ensuring it is easy to use and relevant to the sector. It was clear from submissions that the guidance needs to focus more on victims, ensuring that they are involved in decisions relating to the sharing of their information, where it is safe to do so.

The ministry is now updating the guidance, drawing on the comments made during the submission process. The updated guidance will focus on enabling safe, appropriate, and consistent practice across the sector.

The new information sharing provisions will come into force on 1 July 2019. The final version of the guidance will be released when the new provisions come into force.

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