Internet Society global Internet report 2015: mobile evolution and development of the Internet

7 Jul 2015


The Internet Society’s mission is the Internet for everyone. Today there are more than 3 billion people online, and mobile access to the Internet will be instrumental in bringing the next billion people online.

Mobile phone service, which is now available to more than 90% of the global population, represented a significant leap-frog in co untries where there was no fixed service before, and it was adopted at a breathtaking rate. Upgrading networks to offer mobile Internet is an incremental step that is being adopted even faster than mobile telephony before it.

Accessing the mobile Internet is not just a matter of unplugging our laptops, however – we use smartphones and tablets with a range of features and sensors not available or needed in a traditional computer. These enable us to take and share videos; learn a trade and improve our livelihoods; help with our fitness and personal safety; and contribute to countless other activities. These new features are accessed through apps, not browsers, which is evolving how people use the Internet.


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