Sustainable Health Review: final report to the Western Australian Government

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In June 2017, the Government of Western Australia announced the Sustainable Health Review to prioritise the delivery of patient-centred, high quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State.

Following extensive consultation and engagement with stakeholders across Western Australia, the Sustainable Health Review Panel has now published its Final Report. The Final Report has 8 Enduring Strategies and 30 Recommendations which seek to drive a cultural and behavioural shift across the health system:

  • Strategy 1 - Commit and collaborate to address major public health issues.
  • Strategy 2 - Improve mental health outcomes.
  • Strategy 3 - Great beginnings and a dignified end of life.
  • Strategy 4 - Person-centred, equitable, seamless access.
  • Strategy 5 - Drive safety, quality and value through transparency, funding and planning.
  • Strategy 6 - Invest in digital healthcare and use data wisely.
  • Strategy 7 - Culture and workforce to support new models of care.
  • Strategy 8 - Innovate for sustainability.

For each Strategy, the recommendation statement articulates the intent or outcome of the recommendation. The priorities in implementation are actions or milestones that provide critical context and must be considered as part of implementation planning.

To achieve maximum benefit, each Recommendation endorsed by Government needs to be addressed as a whole.

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