Effectiveness of board governance at the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Governance Conservation Statutory authorities Australia

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has a governing board and was established in 1972 as a Commonwealth statutory authority operating under the Australian Institute of Marine Science Act 1972 (AIMS Act). The key functions of AIMS include providing the research and knowledge of Australia’s marine estate required to support growth in its sustainable use, effective environmental management and protection of its unique ecosystems.

This topic was selected for audit as part of the ANAO’s multi-year audit program that examines aspects of the implementation of the PGPA Act. This audit provides an opportunity for the ANAO to review whether boards have established effective arrangements to comply with selected legislative and policy requirements and adopted practices that support effective governance. The audit also contributes to the identification of practices that support effective governance that could be applied in other entities. This audit is one of a series of governance audits that apply a standard methodology to the governance of individual boards.

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the governance board in the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

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Auditor-General Report No.36 2018–19
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