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How does government support integrated landscape management in regional Victoria under climate change?

Climate change mitigation Natural resources Landscape-scale conservation Systems thinking Natural resource management Disaster resilience

This report completes the project commissioned in 2010 entitled Policies and Governance to Support Integrated Landscape Management in a Changing Climate — the Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) project. ILM is a potentially useful concept for helping land managers adapt to climate change, providing a basis for greater collaboration in land and natural resource management. The ILM project defined ILM as a process of facilitating systemic action, both vertically and horizontally, across stakeholders and scales, to enhance the resilience of socioecological systems. In other words, ILM is about making decisions that work at state and local levels, based on scientific and local knowledge, to enhance the resilience and productivity of land and ecosystems. In response to changes in the Victorian policy context since 2010, in particular the review of the Climate Change Act 2010 and the development of the Victorian Climate Change Adaptation Plan (VCCAP), this report addresses the question ‘How does government support ILM in regional Victoria under climate change?’

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