The environmental sustainability of Australia's private rental housing stock - final report

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By focusing attention on the opportunities for and barriers to improving the environmental sustainability of Australia’s private rental housing stock, this research contributes to present debates about the sustainability of Australian cities .


The Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory and local governments, is currently committed to delivering a 60 per cent cut in carbon emissions from 1990 levels by 2050. At the household level, this has translated into a commitment to improving the energy efficiency of residential housing stock and to assisting residential households to reduce their resource consumption).

While early research and policy initiatives in Australia have been directed towards the construction industry and new homes, less attention has been granted to the existing dwelling stock, including private rental housing. In contrast, private rental housing has been the focus of policy and research attention in the United Kingdom and Europe, and to a lesser extent Canada and the US. This research project addresses this gap.

Written by Michelle Gabriel, Phillipa Watson, Rachel Ong, Gavin Wood and Maryann Wulff

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