Maryann Wulff

Journal article

Market Provision of Affordable Rental Housing: Lessons from Recent Trends in Australia

This article provides new evidence on the supply of private rental dwellings affordable for low income households in Australia in 1996 and 2001 and on shortages or surpluses of affordable dwellings in each period.

Shortage of affordable private rental housing increasing

The research sought to measure whether lower income households are able to access housing which is ‘affordable’ based on weekly rent of no more than 30 per cent of gross household income and ‘available’ referring to the extent to which affordable dwellings are in fact...

Australia’s private rental market

This report aims to provide relevant information to assist policy-makers in addressing accesss to affordable housing in the private rental market.

Gentrification and displacement: the household impacts of neighbourhood change

This report looks at three main questions: How much gentrification has actually taken place over the last decade and how much household displacement has occurred as a result of the loss of affordable housing? What are the social and economic costs to communities and to...

The environmental sustainability of Australia's private rental housing stock - final report

By focusing attention on the opportunities for and barriers to improving the environmental sustainability of Australia’s private rental housing stock, this research contributes to present debates about the sustainability of Australian cities .