Climate change is often seen as a threat, bringing risks to landscapes and people. This is one of the reasons why, in dealing with climate adaptation, the focus often lies on gaining more scientific knowledge and on conducting risk and vulnerability assessments. Does all this knowledge gathering lead to an increased adaptive capacity in regional Victoria? We suggest an approach that involves gaining and storing knowledge with a focus on optimal use of this knowledge. This approach bypasses discussions or questions about whether climate change is ‘real’ or caused by humans. We take the estimated population growth and economic development for the Bendigo area as a starting point. Our intention is to design a regional plan, which anticipates future weather events and climate change, for the City of Greater Bendigo, given the facts and parameters of the region. In moving beyond a debate around science and knowledge we off er a design process that takes the available knowledge, both scientific and policy driven, and bring this knowledge to life to create and imagine a climate adaptive future for Bendigo.

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