What works? Reducing sexual harassment in the workplace - a rapid review of evidence

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Sexual harassment adversely impacts people and business, it has significant physical and mental health consequences, costs business operations in productivity and efficiency, and can affect the wellbeing of all employees in the workplace. This review draws together insight on promising global approaches to addressing harassment in the workplace. The knowledge, practice, and accountability of employers and industry to workplace health and safety can therefore be based on robust evidence of what works to address this sensitive and pervasive issue.

The evidence shows significant convergence around several themes, including:

  • the importance of sustained leadership engagement and commitment;
  • broader efforts to prevent sexual harassment by shifting social norms;
  • whole of organisation’ approaches that include formalised governance approaches and policies, effective complaints mechanisms, and ongoing staff training; and
  • embedding organisational approaches in a broader commitment to gender equality

This review and recommendations are intended to provide evidence-based principles to guide responses and prevention. Where evidence is lacking, we point to promising practice. Documenting and building on these recommendations and continually reframing best practice approaches will inform greater efforts to improve working conditions globally.

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