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The 2013 World Youth Report offers a broad understanding of the situation of young migrants from the perspective of young migrants themselves. The report highlights some of the concerns, challenges and successes experienced by young migrants based on their own lives and told in their own voices. Young people move within their home countries as internal migrants, or beyond their borders as international migrants. The report focuses largely on the phenomena of international migration which increasingly has a significant impact on the origin, transit and destination countries and communities. The consequences are complex, context-specific and subject to change over time. They may be influenced by factors such as the type of migration, migrant category, national migration policies, and programmatic interventions that are in place in a particular locale.

Young people and youth-led organizations working on migration have on several occasions requested the United Nations look at the situation of youth migrants. The literature on youth migration and its development impact in countries of origin and destination is sparse. This report attempts to fill this gap and offers a comprehensive account of the life experiences of young migrants. The structure of the report takes into consideration both the dimensions of processes and types of migration. The struggles and opportunities young migrants face often differ according to the type of migration.

The report is aimed at youth-led organizations and young migrants as well as policy-makers, academia and the general public.


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