Discussion paper

Developing standards for artificial intelligence: hearing Australia’s voice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Ethics Digital communications digital adoption Regulatory standards Regulatory instruments

Standards Australia is embarking on a consultation process with key Australian stakeholders across industry, government, civil society and academia to examine how standards, and related material (such as technical specifications and handbooks), can support artificial intelligence in Australia.

The consultation process will be based on this discussion paper, and complemented by face-to-face national roundtable consultation sessions, as well as online and written feedback. Feedback from stakeholders will be used to inform the Standards Australia Artificial Intelligence Roadmap Report, which will be completed in September 2019. We welcome responses from industry, government, civil society and academia on any of the matters outlined in this discussion paper and intend to go into further detail at our upcoming national roundtable consultations around Australia. To aid in discussion at the consultations, we have set out questions to gain feedback on key topic areas. The questions have been outlined at the end of this document.

At the conclusion of this process, we will publicly release a national AI Standards Roadmap. This will summarise discussions we hold, but, more importantly, it will provide practical actionable steps that Australian stakeholders can take, through the Standards process, to make their voices heard globally. This will factor into consideration work already underway at a global level.

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