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Artificial intelligence can be applied in almost every industry and has the potential to transform economies and greatly enhance quality of life. However, it will present challenges, just as previous technological advances have. For instance, just as the demand for typing pools was reduced when desktop computers were adopted, many of our current jobs will change with artificial intelligence, and entirely new careers will open up.

Issues of disruption and inequality are likely as this transition occurs. However, it is difficult to predict the changes that artificial intelligence will bring. Yet, with any advance in technology, society does not need to blindly adopt it – we can decide how and where the technology can be used.

This report outlines what artificial intelligence is, how it is or could be used in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the risks that need to be managed so that all New Zealanders can prosper in an AI world.

This document is informed by a report prepared by the Australian Council of Learned Academies with input from Royal Society Te Apārangi and New Zealand experts.

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