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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) does not tolerate sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment (SEAH) of any kind. This applies to our own organisation and extends to those we work with. Alongside others, we continue to strengthen our approach to safeguarding – by enhancing accountability, improving support for people affected, and driving cultural change through strong leadership.

The Policy outlines both expectations and requirements for DFAT staff and our partners to manage the risk of SEAH and SEAH incidents, should they occur in the delivery of DFAT business. Preventing SEAH (PSEAH) is a shared responsibility. All organisations must play an active role in addressing SEAH that occurs in the course of their business — only if all parties take action will we have meaningful change. The Policy places the onus on all DFAT partners to manage the risk of SEAH.

The Policy is able to be adapted to the many contexts in which DFAT business is delivered. DFAT staff and partners will need to apply judgment based on the risk context in which they are operating.

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