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Good public policy and service delivery must demonstrate its value to the community. In the past, government has measured what it does, and not necessarily what it achieves.

Often government focuses on outputs (what activities, products or services it is providing) and how much it costs to provide them. Just monitoring and reporting on outputs doesn't provide evidence of the impact of our work. 

Focusing on outcomes instead of outputs allows us to better identify what we want to achieve for Victoria. It connects our work with communities, experts and service delivery sectors. It also provides flexibility and enables us to communicate what we want to achieve in a way that is meaningful for Victorians.

Victoria’s outcomes architecture is based on international best practice. We drew on the experience of Scotland, New Zealand and other jurisdictions to create our outcomes approach.

Our architecture helps provide consistency in how we identify and measure Victoria's progress towards government priorities.

Our outcomes architecture contains the following elements:

  • the vision describes an aspirational statement of what we want to achieve
  • domains describe the success components of the vision, and cut across traditional policy areas
  • outcome statements describe what success looks like for all individuals, families or communities
  • outcome indicators describe what needs to change to achieve the outcomes and the direction of change required
  • outcome measures quantify the size, amount or degree of change required


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