City of Melbourne arts strategy 2014-17: a creative city through the arts

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The document outlines the City of Melbourne’s commitments in relation to the arts over the next three years. The commitments are intended to support Council’s vision for a bold, inspirational, sustainable and creative city.

The strategy is organised around six major themes that emerged from our conversations with the community. Each theme is linked to a clear policy goal and one or more specific commitments designed to realise that goal.

Theme: Connection Goal: Artists and audiences are able to engage and connect with each other Commitments: 1. We will broaden our reach to and work with a diverse range of artists. 2. We will encourage new and meaningful connections between artists, audiences and communities.

Theme: Activation Goal: Artists are able to activate the public realm Commitments: 3. We will support artists to present work in the public realm. 4. We will lead and partner in the delivery of significant arts projects.

Theme: Spaces Goal: Artists are able to present, work and live in the City of Melbourne Commitments: 5. We will support and enable affordable, secure and appropriate working spaces for artists. 6. We will support and promote affordable and appropriate presentation spaces. 7. We will facilitate and advocate for affordable living/work spaces for artists.

Theme: Funding Goal: Artists are supported to test, develop and realise ideas Commitments: 8. We will make funding accessible, flexible, and open to all artists and practices. 9. We will support creative development as well as public presentation of work. 10.We will attract a broader funding mix to support new work.

Theme: Recognition Goal: Artists are celebrated and recognised for their contribution to a creative city Commitments: 11. We will highlight the critical contribution artists and the arts sector make to Melbourne’s culture. 12. We will develop closer ties to artists and the arts sector. 13. We will foster cross-sector partnerships and collaborations that leverage benefits.

Theme: Heritage Goal: Artists are able to explore, interpret and reinterpret the city’s heritage in dynamic ways Commitment: 14.We will support projects that acknowledge, interpret and reinterpret Melbourne’s heritage.

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