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The Culture White Paper 2018 outlines policy directives aimed at promoting six core concepts:

  • Democracy – by reorienting cultural policies and restructuring cultural governance.
  • Creativity – by defending artistic freedom and nurturing aesthetics on the grassroots level.
  • Vitality – by linking land and its people’s history, cultural preservation and heritage cultivation.
  • Sustainability – by constructing a sustainable framework for the cultural economy and the creative sectors.
  • Inclusivity – by championing equal cultural rights, diversity, and international cultural exchanges.
  • Progress – by harnessing the power of technology to enhance cultural development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and access to cultural resources.

Upon the cusp of transforming the nation’s cultural policy, the “democratization of culture” is the crucial first step in protecting freedom of artistic expression and promoting diversity in national cultural development.

To foster an environment conducive to cultural, creative, and civil development, central agencies must work with their regional counterparts and local communities in establishing mechanisms for collaboration.

From formulation of a comprehensive legal framework for cultural governance to erecting cooperative apparatuses, restructuring agencies, establishing intermediary bodies, and crafting a policymaking system with public input, these policy directives are directed towards expanding the equality, diversity, and scope of cultural rights in Taiwan.

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