Community perceptions of Australia’s infrastructure

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In the main, the quality of Australia’s infrastructure is seen as average or good and likely to get better.

A minimal number of Australians rate the quality of infrastructure in their area as poor. In most instances, quality ratings are divided between average and good, although half (50%) or more of the population rate the following as good: drinking water supply; parks and open spaces; waste services; electricity networks and services; arts, cultural and recreational facilities; educational facilities; and post and parcel services.

Social and public housing, trams / light rail and trains, broadband telecommunications, bus services, and local roads receive the highest poor ratings (ranging from 20-25% poor ratings).

On the overwhelming range of infrastructure areas, more Australians expect quality to get better rather than worse over the next five years. Mobile and broadband networks and services are where there are the highest expectations of improvement, whilst social and public housing is the only area where there are higher expectations of a decline rather than improvement in the next five years. Expectations of improvement versus decline are on a par for local roads and justice and corrections facilities and services.

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