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Western Australia’s Asian Engagement Strategy is essential to the State Government’s economic planning and our clear intention to succeed with Asia. This Strategy was developed through consultation with stakeholders who advised the State on how to maximise mutually-beneficial economic, sporting, social and cultural relationships across Asia.

The Asian Engagement Strategy identifies actions to ensure that Western Australia has a coordinated, long-term plan for growing our role and partnerships with Asia.

The Strategy’s whole-of-government approach aligns with the following key State Government directions: Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity and Diversify WA.

The State Government has provided clear direction for State development through the formation of six whole-of-government priorities that will deliver better outcomes for all Western Australians.

  1. A strong economy
  2. A bright future
  3. A safer community
  4. A liveable environment
  5. Aboriginal wellbeing
  6. Regional prosperity

Western Australia has many strengths that will support our competitive advantage in Asian markets: natural resources and world-class industries, highly-rated research and education institutions, a shared timezone, geographic proximity and Perth being one of the world’s most liveable cities. However, these advantages are not enough to ensure success. They must be leveraged and presented in Asia as part of a strategic and clearly defined narrative about Western Australia – who we are and what we do best.

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