Basic plan on the promotion of culture and the arts (Phase 1)

Create the future by making full use of the diverse values of culture and the arts
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This plan is the first plan based on the new 'Basic Act on the Promotion of Culture and the Arts' amended in June 2017.  It contains four visions and six strategies for a five-year period from 2018 to 2022. This plan discusses and acknowledges both the social and economic values of culture and the arts. 

'Basic plan on the promotion of culture and the arts (Phase 1)' analysises the current policies for the culture and the arts, and provides a overview of the values of the culture and the arts in Japan:

  • Intrinstic value: cultivating humanity, nurturing creativity, etc.
  • Social and economic value: maintaining cultural diversity, contributing to the development of human beings, etc.

Based on the values of culture and changes in social conditions such as declining birthrates, globalization and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this plan is set around four visions:

  • Vision 1: The creation, development and succession of culture, the arts and education
  • Vision 2: A creative and vibrant society
  • Vision 3: A spiritually affluent and diverse society
  • Vision 4: Platforms to promote regional culture and the arts

This plan maps out the basic direction of cultural and artistic policies by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Creation, development and succession of culture and the arts, fulfillment of education in culture and the arts
  • Strategy 2: Effective investment in culture, the arts, and creative activities.
  • Strategy 3: Promotion of international cultural exchange and cooperation, contribution to mutual understanding and national branding through culture and the arts
  • Strategy 4: Fostering social values through promotion to form diverse values and an inclusive environment
  • Strategy 5: Securing and fostering diverse and highly skilled professionals
  • Strategy 6: Building of platforms promoting regional cooperation and collaboration
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