The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has developed this strategy to guide the basic direction of cultural policies, looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond.

This global strategy for the promoting Tokyo's cultural policies to the world aims to:

  • Convey the diversity of Tokyo's distinctive arts and cutlure
  • Position the arts and culture as the pillar of Tokyo's future growth
  • Create tangible and intangible cultural legacies by seizing the opportunity presented by the Tokyo 2020 Games
  • Promote interaction between people and the creative activities of artists from around the world on the Tokyo stage
  • Spread initiatives taken to transform Tokyo through the power of the arts and culture throughout Japan, and create a new Japan that is driven by culture by rallying everyone's strengths.

Nine cultural strategies are outlined in this document:

  • Seek out the uniqueness and diversity of Tokyo, where tradition and the modern coexist and fuse
  • Strengthen Tokyo's message as a city of arts and culture by raising the allure of its diverse cultural centres
  • Build a social foundation that enables everyone to enjoy the arts and culture
  • Discover and foster diverse talent, centering on young emerging artists in Japan and overseas, and provide them with new creation and business opportunities
  • Promote exchanges in the arts and culture based on city diplomacy, and enhance international competitiveness
  • Leverage the power of the arts and culture to address social and urban challenges in areas such as education, welfare and community development
  • Realise the best cultural programme and draw out Tokyo's power by using Tokyo's arts and culture
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