This document consists of plans and strategies for cultural economy expansion, constructed by Special Cultural Ecnomy Strategy Team in Cabinet Secretariat Japan in 2017, and responds to 'Partial Revisions to the Basic Act on the Promotion of Culture and the Arts'. It comes along with a summary and an action plan.

This strategic plan analyses the background, future goals and six important strategies of cultural economy in Japan. 

Culture is getting more and more important in the international community, it is one of the key elements for national branding and a new source to generate economic value. In order to utilise Japan's diverse culture resources, a new Agency for Cultural Affairs is set up to help strategic investment in the cultural ecnomy.

This strategic plan describes a future Japanese cultural economy as:

  • blooming culture
  • creative industry
  • a thrilling society

Six key strategies:

  1. Conservation of cultural and artistic resources (cultural assets)
  2. Utilization of cultural and artistic resources
  3. Promotion of cultural creation activities
  4. Improving international presence
  5. Creating new demand and added value
  6. Strengthen the foundation for promoting cultural and economic strategies



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