'Culture Vision 2030' is still an open, ongoing strategy in Korea. It is based on three values, three directions, and nice agendas, followed by action plans. This strategy shows that the national cultural vision values people's lives, safety, freedom and happiness in life, it emphasizes the equality of society.

By showing data and making comparison with other OECD countries, this strategy 'Culture Vision 2030' outlines current cultural conditions, such as: too much working hours, high cost for cultural leisure activities and a risky society which people's quality of life is not guaranteed. In the same time, it presents some challenges Korean society faces, such as gender inequality and crisis in community culture. It recognizes that there are still deep conflicts in Korean society between different groups and communities. Following chanllenges, this strategic plan constructs a framework and guideline not only for the cultural economy but also for the impovement of quality of life in Korea through cultural strategies.

This strategy is structured based on three values:

  • Autonomy
  • Diversity
  • Creativity

Strategic agendas are mapped out following the values and directions:

  • Expansion of individual cultural rights
  • Ensuring workers' rights
  • Realization of gender equality
  • Protecting and spreading cultural diversity
  • Creating a fair and diverse cultural ecosystem
  • Decentralization of regional culture
  • Strengthening convergence of cultural resources
  • Expanding cultural cooperation for the future and peace
  • Innovation of creative social through culture

'Culture Vision 2030' includes action plan in responde to the nine agendas:

  • Vision implementation coordination plan
  • Innovation in cultural administration organization
  • Legal and insititutional improvement
  • Mid- and long - term financial strategy


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