Used as guidelines in designing, formulating and sustaining the national identity of Malaysia, 'The National Culture Policy' was introduced in 1971 and is still current two decades into the 21st Century.  It is based on several elements and three principles.

Three principles:

  1. The national culture must be based on the indigenous culture of this region.
  2. Suitable elements from the other culture may be accepted as part of the national culture.
  3. Islam is an important component in the formulation of the national culture.

The objectives:

  1. To strengthen national unity through culture.
  2. To foster and preserve national identity created through national culture.
  3. To enrich and enhance the quality of human life in equilibrium with socio-economic development.

Action plan:

  1. Restore, preserve and develop culture towards strengthening national culture through joint research, development , education and cultural expansion and connections.
  2. Increase and strengthen  cultural  leadership through training and guidance to interested individuals. Support and mobilize culture as an effective engine of growth.
  3. Establish effective communication to instill national awareness and Malaysian nationalism.
  4. Fulfill  socio-cultural needs.
  5. Improve the standard and quality of arts.
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