National mission on cultural mapping and roadmap 2017 - 2020

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The mission document encompasses data mapping, demography building, formalising the processes and cultural activities. It includes strategic plan, action plan, and budget plan for the year of 2017 to 2020.

This document aims to provide a one-stop guide to help India to preserve, promote and popularise India's diverse culture and ancient heritage along with its ethos & values for the benefit of mankind through sustainable measures and accessibility. It states that 'properly mapped, documented and designed database can be effectively used for not only preserving the rich cultural heritage but also providing means of livelihood and ameliorating the economic conditions of the performing artistes'.

It sets up visions and missions in five aspects:

  1. To envision and address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian art and cultural heritage.
  2. To convert vast and widespread cultural canvass of India into an objective cultural mapping.
  3. To design a mechanism to fulfill the aspirations of the whole artist community of the nation.
  4. To preserve the rich cultural heritage of this country for future generations.
  5. To create a strong “Cultural Vibrancy” throughout the nation.

Following the visions, this document outlines the mission components:

  • National Cultural Awareness Programme:
  • National Cultural Workplace (NCWP) 
  • Initiation of Grant/Scholarship/Fellowship/Award Processes
  • Grading of the Artist
  • Artist Welfare
  • Redefining the mandates for cultural infrastructure
  • Integration of culture and tourism
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