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The way we supply and use energy in Australia continues to change. This includes changes in the type of energy we use, how we use it and where it comes from, as new technologies are adopted, as our economy grows and changes in structure, and as awareness of our energy use and its economic and environmental cost grows.

To help understand these and other changes, to plan for Australia’s energy future, and to make sound policy and investment decisions, we need timely, accurate, comprehensive, comparable and readilyaccessible energy statistics. The Australian Energy Statistics is the authoritative and official source of energy statistics for Australia to support decision making and international reporting, and to help understand how our energy supply and use is changing. It is updated each year and consists of detailed historical energy consumption, production and trade statistics and balances. It includes all types of energy and all parts of the economy.

This edition contains data to 2017–18 for Australian energy consumption, production and trade, and calendar year 2018 for electricity generation.

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