This Corporate Plan sets out a series of core operational and strategic priorities which Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) will continue to pursue in addressing business efficiency, financial sustainability, improved service delivery, sustainable asset management, accountability and strong corporate governance.

Across its network of hostels, AHL staff provide accommodation and meals in an environment which supports the cultural well–being of residents, including through strong relationships with local Indigenous service providers and referral agencies.

Key Findings:

  • While interest in traditional hostel facilities remains strong, the organisation is increasingly working with partners and potential partners to develop different models of accommodation suited to the needs of particular client groups
  • AHL has invested considerable resources to ensure the organisation maintains its duty of care obligations, including alignment with the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. AHL’s Child Protection Framework and associated training program has been expanded to incorporate the organisation’s obligations under the Working with Vulnerable People program.
  • AHL’s self-assessment risk rating with respect to vulnerable people has been given an ‘Extreme’ rating — and is now closely overseen by the agency’s Audit, Risk and Finance Committee, which reports directly to the AHL Board. In line with this risk rating, AHL has developed a staff training module which is progressively being rolled out nationally across the organisation’s network of hostels. AHL will review and report annually through a Statement of Compliance.
  • AHL has seen growing pressure on its facilities to cater to more complex accommodation needs. The company will seek to partner with relevant expertise to advise on how it can modify current facilities to meet changing amenity requirements, particularly given the growing use of multipurpose hostels by medical and renal patients.
  • Enterprice Risk Management (ERM) is a structured, consistent and continuous process used across AHL at the strategic and operational levels. It is used for identifying, assessing, responding to and reporting on opportunities and threats that affect the achievement of AHL’s business objectives.
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