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The Commonwealth Government commissioned an Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education in March 2017. The affordability and accessibility of university accommodation arose as a potential issue deterring the number of regional, rural and remote (RRR) students choosing to pursue higher education.

The Department of Education and Training engaged Urbis to undertake this assessment of university investment in on-campus student accommodation to support an adequate supply of affordable accommodation for RRR students.

Key findings:

• Approximately 70% of mobile students in Australia are international students, which highlights the significant impact that the international sector has had on the demand for student accommodation in Australia.

• Students originating from regional areas in Australia are more mobile, with 56,028 (50% of total regional students) students most likely having moved. This highlights the greater need for assistance in relocating for RRR students. Of the mobile RRR students, around 75% have relocated to capital cities to study indicating there is significant demand for student accommodation in the capital cities.

• Students originating from metropolitan areas are significantly less mobile than RRR students, with 29,620 (7%) students considered mobile. This is reflected with the majority of metropolitan students choosing to study locally and stay at home while they study.

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