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Digital experience insights survey 2018: findings from Australian and New Zealand university students

8 Feb 2019

This report covers the final phase of a three-year project to understand students’ expectations and experiences of digital technology in their learning.

The pilot was developed and based in the United Kingdom (UK) and most of the data was collected there. However, the pilot instrument and supportive guidance were also offered internationally and were keenly adopted by universities in Australia and New Zealand (NZ). Between November 2017 and May 2018, 12 universities – ten in Australia and two in NZ – collected enough data from their students to be included in the pilot. They represent approximately 30% of all the universities in the two nations. Participation rates at each university were different, reflecting different approaches and conditions. In all, 21,095 students based in Australia and NZ contributed data to this report.

Findings from the two datasets – described in this report as ‘Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) students’ and ‘UK students’ – were extremely similar. This may reflect the robustness of the survey instrument and the underlying concept of the ‘student digital experience’ or it may reflect the structural and cultural similarities of the two higher education (HE) sectors. Nevertheless, we found three statistically significant differences, reported in more detail in the relevant sections of the full report.

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