The 2017 Universities Australia Student Finances Survey provides an evidence-based picture of the financial situation of students at Australian universities. Students from 38 Universities Australia (UA) member universities participated in the survey. The survey covers both domestic and international students at all levels of study. It collects data on:

  • Income and spending
  • Paid work and its impact on study
  • Access to income support
  • The costs of living and studying
  • Borrowing and debt

The 2017 survey follows earlier studies in 2012 and 2006.

UA undertakes this study at regular intervals to provide our members, government and the public with a better understanding of students’ financial circumstances. The 2017 report shows that many students are still ‘doing it tough’, to the extent of being unable to afford basic necessities and being forced to miss classes to work. While this report deals with the facts, it tells an important story of the type of lives being lived by students all around Australia.

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