Brown to green: the G20 transition towards a net-zero emissions economy 2018

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The Summary Report 2018 provides a comprehensive overview of all G20 countries, whether – and how well – they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy. The report draws on the latest emissions data from 2017 and covers 80 indicators on decarbonisation, climate policies, finance and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Providing country ratings, it identifies leaders and laggards in the G20. 

Key findings from an Australian perspective:

  1. Australia’s GHG emissions are expected to rise to 548 MtCO2e by 2030 (excl. forestry). This emission pathway is not compatible with the Paris Agreement.
  2. The current government does not intend to introduce any policy to achieve emissions reductions in the energy sector. Instead, it is discussing subsiding fossil fuel power generation.
  3. The government has not been able to agree on establishing emissions standards for light motor vehicles, which are being considered by a Ministerial Forum.


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