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The recruitment, retention, and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander foster carers: a literature review

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There are significantly fewer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers than there are Indigenous children in out of home care. This report examines the recruitment, retention, training, assessment and support of Indigenous people caring for these children. It discusses: trends in out of home care; out of home care and Indigenous people; the causes of child maltreatment and other family violence in Indigenous communities; a contextual framework for out of home care in Australia; the placement of children into out of home care; Indigenous specific contextual issues in out of home care in Australia; recruitment and retention of foster carers; cultural competence; motivations to become a carer; effective recruitment practices; assessment of foster carers; training; retention and satisfaction; support; recruitment and retention of kinship carers; gaps in the literature; a contextual framework for kinship care; children and young people in care; children's wellbeing; children's services; wellbeing of Indigenous children.

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