Nick Richardson

Literature review

The recruitment, retention, and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander foster carers: a literature review

There are significantly fewer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers than there are Indigenous children in out of home care. This report examines the recruitment, retention, training, assessment and support of Indigenous people caring for these children.

Understanding parenting disputes after separation

This report adds to what is known about the behaviour and motivations of separated parents in Australia, drawing on three independent data sets.

The role of environmental characteristics in changing the pathways to adolescent antisocial behaviour of high- and low-risk children

In this conference presentation Nick Richardson, Diana Smart, Suzanne Vassallo, Ann Sanson and Inez Dussuyer use the Australian Temperament Project to explore the ways in which developmental pathways of resilient and low risk but antisocial children can be identified. Are there sensitive ages and developmental...

Patterns and precursors of adolescent antisocial behaviour: outcomes and connections

This report from the Australian Temperament Project focuses on the transition to early adulthood; connections between antisocial behaviour and victimisation; the role of substance use in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviour; why do some low risk children become antisocial adolescents; motivations to comply with...
Briefing paper

Social costs: the effects of child maltreatment

Child maltreatment is associated with a wide range of immediate and long-term negative outcomes. This resource sheet briefly outlines the potential psychological and physical problems associated with child maltreatment.