Frank Oberklaid

Professor Frank Oberklaid OAM, MD, FRACP is the Foundation Director of the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children's Hospital, Co-Research Group Leader (Policy, Equity and Translation) at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and an Honorary Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne. Professor Oberklaid is an internationally recognised researcher, author, lecturer and consultant, and has written two books and over 200 scientific publications. His work has been acknowledged in the form of a number of prestigious awards, and many invited international lectureships and visiting professorships.  He is Chair of the Victorian Children’s Council, which advises the Premier and Ministers on child health policy, and chairs or is a member of several important national policy committees. He is especially interested in prevention and early intervention, and the use of research findings to inform public policy and service delivery. 
Briefing paper

Child mental health: a time for innovation

This Policy Brief identifies an urgent need to change this paradigm and formulate a comprehensive, sustainable and evidence-informed plan to effectively promote and improve the mental health of children and the adults they become.

Sleep and the early years and family violence and universal services

In the first years of life, not sleeping can be a very complicated, and even distressing part of life for a family. Sleeping and settling are learned skills for a baby, and they are skills that do not always come naturally. The disruption that sleep...

Building early detection systems for child development problems and normal toddler eating

There is substantial research about the importance of identifying problems early, before they become entrenched. Intervening early in the course of a condition or problem increases the chance of there being a positive outcome; the earlier intervention is commenced, the more likely it is to...

Patterns and precursors of adolescent antisocial behaviour: outcomes and connections

This report from the Australian Temperament Project focuses on the transition to early adulthood; connections between antisocial behaviour and victimisation; the role of substance use in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviour; why do some low risk children become antisocial adolescents; motivations to comply with...

School readiness and overweight and obesity in under 5's

Some parents are concerned about whether their child is ready to start school and they start to seek advice from a range of professionals to support them in making a decision. Often the preschool or kindergarten teacher may raise concerns with the parents, because of...