Ann Sanson

Alternate Name:
Ann V. Sanson

The Australian Temperament Project: the first 30 years

This report provides a brief and accessible account of some of the key learnings about human development from the Australian Temperament Project (ATP), a groundbreaking longitudinal study that, to date, has followed a large group of Victorians from their birth to age 30 years.

Home-to-school transitions for financially disadvantaged children

This report focuses on children's readiness for school, considering the role of families, schools and communities as facilitators and inhibitors. The transition from home to school is a major change in children’s lives, being the first compulsory and universal point of contact between the child...

Parenting and families in Australia

Using Wave 1 of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) dataset, this paper examines parenting styles and family functioning.

Patterns and precursors of adolescent antisocial behaviour: outcomes and connections

This report from the Australian Temperament Project focuses on the transition to early adulthood; connections between antisocial behaviour and victimisation; the role of substance use in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviour; why do some low risk children become antisocial adolescents; motivations to comply with...