Margot Prior


Learning to read in Australia

If we want to understand how children learn to read (and why some find this so difficult), we first need to identify the set of reading skills that children will need to acquire. That in turn means that we first need to understand skilled reading...

Patterns and precursors of adolescent antisocial behaviour: outcomes and connections

This report from the Australian Temperament Project focuses on the transition to early adulthood; connections between antisocial behaviour and victimisation; the role of substance use in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviour; why do some low risk children become antisocial adolescents; motivations to comply with...

Domestic violence and childhood and school readiness

Domestic violence is responsible for most of the violence that children encounter. The effect on their lives is significant. The article considers the extent of the problem, its origins and the effects on children's lives. It also incoporates a case study. School readiness is a...

Aggressive children and prematurity and subsequent temperament and behaviour

Our community holds diverse views about aggression - its desirability; where it is legitimate and where it is not; how it should be dealt with and at what point it is excessive. Few parents and professionals would disagree that a very aggressive young child causes...