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WA healthy weight action plan 2019-2024

Taking action on early intervention and management for people at-risk of or with overweight and obesity
Public health Obesity Preventative health Western Australia

The WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024 (hereafter, the Action Plan) is a joint initiative of WA Health, WA Primary Health Alliance, and Health Consumers' Council to create a roadmap for sustainable changes to support people and families who are at-risk of overweight (those at the high end of the healthy weight body mass index range) and those with overweight and obesity. It is the first step of many to create a coordinated approach across health to tackle the complex causes of overweight and obesity and work with our partners across WA to drive long-term change.

The Action Plan focusses on people at-risk of becoming overweight and those currently with overweight and obesity. It looks to create change in early intervention and management space, while supporting the preventive work currently being undertaken by the WA health sector.

  • Early intervention: the provision of support or interventions to an individual person or family at-risk of developing overweight (at the high end of the healthy weight range) to prevent a foreseeable decline in their health.
  • Management: the provision of support or interventions to a person or family with overweight or obesity that will enhance health and wellbeing outcomes, prevent further weight gain or support weight loss. Management services can incorporate a range of social, psychological, medical and surgical assistance delivered by a range of professionals and peer supports in an integrated care framework.

The Action Plan is intended to be a catalyst to support ongoing system-wide change and reorientation of services. A key function of the Action Plan is to enable and maintain innovation and continuous quality improvement in the way the public health system plans, funds and delivers early intervention and weight management services and programs.

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