Inquiry into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 reforms

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Chapter 1 outlines the changes to the commercial passenger vehicle industry introduced in 2017. It begins by covering the two parliamentary inquiries preceding these reforms that investigated the rideshare industry and the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017. It then discusses the reforms, including licence structure, annual fees and fares. The chapter ends with a timeline of previous reviews of the industry going back to 1993, with a focus on the Fels Inquiry, followed by a brief discussion of the legalisation of the rideshare industry in Victoria.

Chapter 2 provides a summary of commercial passenger vehicle industry regulatory reform in all other Australian jurisdictions. This includes reform of licence schemes and financial and other assistance provided to industry members affected by reform, with the caveat that caution must be taken when comparing jurisdictions, due to large differences in industry size. The chapter also includes recent developments in the regulation of the commercial passenger vehicle industry in California, New York City and London.

Chapter 3 considers the impact of the reforms on former and current licence holders. The main component of the chapter covers the ongoing financial and health impacts, as well as the Victorian government’s transitional and hardship funding, including the Fairness Fund. Other issues discussed in the chapter include:

  • the effects of increased supply on the industry
  • touting
  • the commercial passenger vehicle industry levy
  • employment and safety conditions in the industry


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