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Despite some positive developments, Indigenous Australians continue to face significant economic disadvantage. Indigenous Australians are still less likely to finish school, have a job, own a home or run a business than non-Indigenous Australians. The Australian Government is committed to overcoming this situation. The Indigenous Economic Development Strategy 2011–2018 sets out a long-term agenda for Indigenous economic participation that will guide government decision-making and program development through to 2018. The Strategy also details a program of specific initiatives and reforms that translate the Australian Government’s priorities into action. These actions will be assessed and updated every three years to ensure that the Strategy responds to changing circumstances and continues to drive real and sustainable progress. The Australian Government recognises that tangible and lasting improvements in the economic situation of Indigenous Australians cannot be achieved by government alone. This Strategy supports Indigenous Australians to take responsibility for their own economic wellbeing and to lead independent and productive working lives. The Strategy also emphasises the vital roles that partnerships play in this endeavour, across the private sector, the not-for-profit sector, all levels of government and the community. The five priorities of the Strategy are to: 1. strengthen foundations to create an environment that supports economic development 2. invest in education 3. encourage participation and improve access to skills development and jobs 4. support the growth of Indigenous business and entrepreneurship 5. assist individuals and communities to achieve financial security and independence by increasing their ability to identify, build and make the most of economic assets.

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